Data & Technology Consulting Services

We’re in the business of making your business sing. Our services take you from strategy through execution – or anywhere in between. Whether we kick-off together or parachute in mid-way, we’ll help you get the job done right.

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Artificial Intelligence

Evolve AI projects into profitable ventures. Turn your AI initiatives into business drivers with strategic planning, operationalization, data science, and actionable insights through a partnership focused on embedding AI in core decision-making.

Digital Experience Solutions

Elevate your brand with seamless digital experiences. Leverage research, design, strategy, technology, and branding expertise to create immersive user journeys, robust applications, and innovative solutions for your organization.

E-commerce Consulting

Enhance retail experiences for sustainable growth. Boost conversions and loyalty with analysis, UX/UI design, loyalty programs, and platform implementation, guiding your enterprise towards impactful online sales strategies.

Application Development Services

Elevate your tech ecosystem with scalable solutions. Modernize applications, streamline development, and create engaging customer experiences using tailored content management, eCommerce, portals, and software applications.


Transform your data into powerful insights and actions. Collaborate with an experienced analytics partner to optimize costs, increase revenue, and create a strong ROI through advanced AI, data science, testing, visualization, and strategic planning.

Data Integration & Transformation

Unify your data landscape for better business outcomes. Solve complex integration challenges with expert guidance, from modernization strategies and architecture engineering to seamless data flow, governance, and security.

Data Security

Secure your data and maintain compliance. Partner with experts offering cybersecurity assessments, compliance strategies, application security, and strategic staffing to ensure comprehensive protection and adherence to industry regulations.

Digital Marketing and Loyalty Marketing

Maximize ROI through targeted marketing and loyalty strategies. Engage customers with personalized campaigns, data management, loyalty programs, and proven marketing designs, fostering lasting customer relationships and repeat engagement.

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Delivery Approach
Concord has a proven delivery process. The Align- Define- Deliver (ADD) Process is our means of assuring excellence in all we do.

We believe that alignment is key to driving success. While it is often difficult to de-couple 'Align' from 'Define', starting with an alignment mentality is a best first step in any initiative. 


There is no bigger project killer than lack of definition. The more things can be defined, the more likely a project will be successful. By ensuring consistent definitions we become truly aligned.


Ultimately, our clients demand that we execute on what has been asked of us. We bring capable and skilled resources to do the work, and by requiring an align-define mentality, we make good people great.

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