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Quality Assurance Testing and Program Development for Healthcare.
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Project Overview
Project Overview

Quality is tough to define, but critical to success at every level of an organization. A seemingly simple proposition - ensure quality in every area - is much harder in execution. Our healthcare client was experiencing difficulty in striking a balance between defining their processes and improving them, due to continuous organizational change.

Concord was engaged to stabilize corporate structure by introducing and implementing end-to-end quality assurance initiatives from the ground up.

Results area

Our client's primary goal was to create an internal team capable of performing QA testing of program development and processes at any level. With some out-of-the-box thinking, Concord attained this goal while working within company-mandated tools and saving the client's budget.

Concord defined traceability processes for over 7,000 programs, making this QA initiative a smashing success. Better yet, the organization's parent company deemed this team a Center of Excellence and has plans to replicate the program enterprise-wide.

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